Posted by: Tampa Bay Chamber on Thursday, April 8, 2021
  1. Tell us, why LTA?  I was involved in many organizations prior to going through LT but I felt something was missing. The others were for very specific purposes such as All Children’s Hospital Foundation, American Institute of Architects, Ronald McDonald House Charities, etc. and I held leadership positions in all of them.  Leadership Tampa connected me to a very broad spectrum of people in Tampa.
  1. For you, what separates LTA from other business leadership programs?  LTA is a forum to strengthen and to build upon the relationships which began during LT and then to use the power of the organization to expand your personal and business network. We also continue to work for the charitable organizations in Tampa.
  1. Describe a time when the LTA experience impacted your life or career?  I am an architect and I design primarily corporate offices.  A few years ago, one of my LT classmates, Mike Griffin, referred me to a Fortune 500 company moving to Tampa that was looking for a local firm to design their new headquarters.  Mike was familiar with my work (we did the renovations to Tropicana Field including Stu Sternberg’s private suite and The Rays Club) and knew we would do a good job. Wallrapp Architecture & Interior Design did the project and the client is very pleased with the results.  All thanks to LT connections.
  1. What is an LTA benefit you wish everyone knew about?  I meet someone new at every event I attend and staying involved is key to maintaining the friendships and the connections. Being Programs Chair during Covid-19 brought unexpected challenges but I was able to reach out to fellow LT grads to arrange our tour of the Midtown construction site. Even now, 17 years after our graduation, I know if I need help with something, I can call a fellow member and they will be able to help or know of someone that can.
  1. Describe how the leadership journey will continue to shape you?  The leadership skills I developed in LTA are invaluable.  Working on programs and projects with other LTA members has taught me how to get results by cooperating with others and by building upon my relationships, both in LTA and in the community.  Continuing my involvement in the leadership of LTA will continue to mold me into a better leader, a better businessperson and a better member of the Tampa Bay community.