Posted by: Tampa Bay Chamber on Monday, July 12, 2021

Name: Rachel Feinman
LT Class Year:
VP of Innovation, TGH InnoVentures at Tampa General Hospital

  1. Tell us, why LTA?  

I love the opportunity to spend time with my LT classmates and bond with folks from other classes.  It also allows me to continue to have my “finger on the pulse” of what is going on in Tampa Bay with the great and experiential programming.

  1. For you, what separates LTA from other business leadership programs?

LTA is unique from all of the other organizations where I spend my “networking” time.  It has a special feeling and allows organic and genuine relationships to develop in a way not present with many other organizations.  I think it has to do with the transition from an LT experience right into LTA, where we all carry an open and receptive attitude.

  1. What is a LTA benefit you wish everyone knew about? 

The experiences are the best—when LTA members get to have LT-like days.  You get a chance to have a new experience, a new perspective and form new bonds.

  1. Describe how the leadership journey will continue to shape you? 

I think as a leader I am continuing to learn.  One of the most valuable benefits of serving in a leadership capacity is that you always have the opportunity to grow.  If you are wise enough to listen and follow as much as you talk and lead, you will become an exponentially more successful leader.