Posted by: Leadership Tampa Alumni on Monday, September 13, 2021

Name: Scott Swenson
Title: Owner/Creative Director
LT Class Year:  2011
Company Name: Scott Swenson Creative Development LLC

Tell us, why LTA?

My life has progressed so much since my Leadership Tampa experience in 2011. At that time I was on the cusp of upper management with a major theme park. It was great to get out of my comfort zone and meet people in different walks of life who were facing some of the same challenges and asking the same questions. After graduation, I wanted to maintain some of those relationships and continue to push the boundaries of who I knew and how I knew them, so I immediately joined LTA. 

A few years later I found myself starting my own company. The connections I had made and the skills I had honed as a member of LTA were now more important than ever. I became active in the outreach committee, taught improvisational icebreakers for incoming classes and eventually, was asked to become a day chair for the new Collegiate Leadership Tampa Program. I have found that by continuing to support 

LT through LTA, I have continued to grow and discover new opportunities for life-long learning.

For you, what separates LTA from other business leadership programs?

LTA is unique because it allows those who have done something beneficial to help those entering the program. We can encourage and advise each new LT class about how to get the most out of the experience. This also forms a unique bond that transcends the traditional class unification… although LT ’11 is still the best class ever.

Describe a time when the LTA experience impacted your life or career?

I have several classmates who reach out whenever they need help in the area of performance, or entertainment, or communication training, or whatever.  Many of these phone calls and emails have lead to additional work and others have just given us a chance to catch up and help each other.  Having a local group of supporting souls in a wide range of industries is always helpful. The longer I work with LTA, the larger that groups gets.

What is a LTA benefit you wish everyone knew about?

My favorite (pre-pandemic) was the Connections with Coffee.  These are like mini LT days where I can learn something new about the Tampa Bay area while starting my day off with friends and like-minded people…not to mention COFFEE. I look forward to the day when these morning gatherings can return.  I have also always enjoyed the Holiday Parties.  I guess I just like the social elements that encourage me to meet new people. As a soul proprietor consultant, I spend much of my time working alone.  It's great to find new ways to engage with people.

Describe how the leadership journey will continue to shape you?

I give a great deal of credit to my LT experience for the success of my company. The confidence and life skills it reinforces plus the built-in network it provides help me to engage new clients while extending my relationship with existing ones.  I think that my local clients (ZooTampa, The Vault, Florida Aquarium, USF, etc.) appreciate the fact that I have a multi-faceted working knowledge of Tampa (Thanks to LT and LTA). They can often share their concerns and needs without having to start from square one. My national and international clients (Space Center Houston, Indianapolis Zoo, 

Franklin Institute, Fort Edmonton Park, etc.) also appreciate my ongoing involvement in my own city. It shows that I understand the importance of an holistic approach to the entertainment industry;  a philosophy that can be applied in their cities as well.

Looking forward, I hope to continue to find new ways to learn and to be inspired. I love what I do, and I love discovering other people who are passionate about what they do. By adopting the mantra, “Don’t Panic, Just Pivot.” I have been able to weather the challenges of the past 18 months.  With the broad spectrum of people and resources provided by my LTA affiliation, I should easily be able to “pivot” as needed for years and years to come.