Posted by: Tampa Bay Chamber on Monday, October 19, 2020

Tampa, FL— AT&T, a member of the Tampa Bay Chamber, approached the Chamber about creating a program that would increase the participation and relationships of Black owned and led businesses and non-profits. The Chamber’s work in establishing the Minority Business Accelerator Program that seeks to help Black and Hispanic owned businesses reposition themselves to attract capital, scale their business operations, and increase sustainability in the marketplace – made it a perfect vehicle for this idea.

To help continue the diversity, equity, and inclusion conversation within our community, AT&T has provided the Chamber with a one-time contribution, that will provide up to eight one-year Fit 3 (top tier) Chamber memberships to Black owned businesses and Non-Profits that are not already chamber member starting in 2021. “We know and understand the important relationships and business growth that can result from being a member of the chamber. It’s critically important to our community’s future that Black owned businesses and non-profits have an opportunity to benefit from the value the Chamber provides.” said Edwin Narain, Director of External and Legislative Affairs, AT&T.

AT&T also posed the contribution as an opportunity or even a challenge for other chamber members to participate in making a difference. The initiative has been posed to the rest of the organizations that make up the Tampa Bay Chamber, for them to sponsor Black owned businesses or non-profits.

“We are proud to see our members and our community as a whole coming together in an impactful way to bring positive change to Tampa Bay. We can’t wait to give a warm welcome to the new black owned businesses and non-profits that will be joining the Tampa Bay Chamber from this initiative in 2021, said Bob Rohrlack, President & CEO of the Tampa Bay Chamber.