How can one individual speak with the power of 1,500 voices? By teaming up with one of the area’s most powerful business forces, the Tampa Bay Chamber.

The Chamber is a not-for-profit business membership organization that helps promote the businesses and business interests of our members. We come from diverse backgrounds: from small businesses, big corporations, government bodies and the military. United, we become a single, unifying force with the power to shape the future of Tampa Bay.


To serve our members and enhance our community by building business success.


The Tampa Bay Chamber envisions an engaged and inclusive community driven by business prosperity.

Core Values

Integrity, inclusiveness, agility, and accountability.

We are an accredited organization recognized by business, government, education and community leaders. The Chamber is here to carry the banner for the business community, a responsibility we take seriously. We have a renewed commitment to advocacy - to be a business minded voice on public policy issues essential to your success, a healthy economy and an improved quality of life for all. We support the community’s small businesses by offering a wide-array of educational programs designed to foster growth among this key piece of our regional economy. But the true power of any group lies in the success of its individual members. That’s why the Chamber sponsors programs and events to help members expand their circle of contacts and provides valuable information and services to give them a competitive edge.

The Chamber was built around the belief in responsibility for the greater good of the community at large. Today, we still share that commitment. We work hard to ensure that this is a community we can be proud of. A place where we can be successful in our business endeavors, and where we are comfortable raising our families. The Chamber is committed to doing all we can to ensure that our community continues to be that kind of place.

By joining with the Tampa Bay Chamber, you gain the power to enable your own business to succeed and, at the same time, you enrich the economy and lifestyle of our entire community.

Awards & Recognitions

2020 – Florida Association of Chamber Professionals – Chamber of the Year
2018 – U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation – Hiring Our Heroes Chamber of Valor
2017 – U.S. Chamber of Commerce – 5-Star Accredited Chamber
2013 – Florida Association of Chamber Professionals – Chamber of the Year
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Accredited
Certified Chamber – Florida Association of Chamber Professionals

The Tampa Bay Chamber Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit affiliate of the Tampa Bay Chamber dedicated to serving our members and strengthening our community by building business success. The foundation provides ongoing leadership development and education programs that give our members unique opportunities for learning and growth.

Collegiate Leadership Tampa Bay

Collegiate Leadership provides students with an opportunity to engage with diverse, yet like-minded, student leaders from other area colleges and build additional credentials beyond their classroom and campus experiences.

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Competitive Edge Series

Unique business and professional development classes introduce attendees to emerging business issues and offer new skill sets for practical application and implementation in their own businesses.

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Emerging Leaders of Tampa Bay

In an effort to recruit and retain talent in the greater Tampa area, this program encourages growth of young professionals (ages 21 to 35) through community service projects, public policy engagement, professional development and social interaction.

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Insight Tampa Bay

A premier Leadership Program of the Tampa Bay Chamber Foundation that provides a forum to C-Suite individuals to connect, discuss and explore the issues and concerns that affect business in the Tampa Bay Area.

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Leadership Tampa

An intensive nine-month course provides opportunities for members to participate in educational sessions, tours and candid conversations with influential members of the community.

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Military Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Chamber’s Military Advisory Committee is to support military family readiness and quality of life initiatives that ensure Tampa Bay is postured for defense growth.

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Minority Business Accelerator

The Minority Business Accelerator is designed to aide Black and Hispanic businesses prepare for growth, by helping these businesses identify and overcome barriers, which often include limited access to capital, key decision makers, and information. By providing practical tools for change, program participants are positioned to increase capacity, create jobs and build wealth.

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Workforce Development

The mission of the Workforce Development Committee is to develop workforce talent, advocate for innovative educational initiatives and inspire meaningful academic and business partnerships.

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Workforce Housing

The Workforce Housing Committee set out to define workforce housing, research opportunities to understand what the workforce housing needs are in Tampa Bay and identify clear action items for the Chamber to advocate on behalf of.

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On May 7th, 1885, The Tampa Board of Trade was created at the Branch’s Opera House. This would later become The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. Dr. John P. Wall, John T. Lesley, and Thomas A. Carruth assumed the positions of president, vice president, and secretary. These highly respected men lead Tampa to become a more desirable place to live and work.

As president of the Tampa Board of Trade, Dr. John P. Wall supported an innovative transportation system. Named after H.B Plant, the Plant System allowed Tampa to branch out to neighboring and distant cities through the construction of bridges, railroads, and waterworks.

The growing infrastructure allowed the Board to connect with a larger business community, gaining new membership and financial support. Chairmen and committees were formed and The Board’s growing status spread quickly. Education and government services, as well as, support for diversity, culture, and art grew as well.


Influenced by the national trend, the Board of Trade replaced its name to become the Tampa Chamber of Commerce on December 1, 1928.


In 1933, the Chamber’s Education Committee supported the creation of a university in Tampa. When The Tampa Bay Hotel went bankrupt in August, the hotel was turned over and became the University of Tampa.

Chairman of the Chamber’s Aviation Committee, Jerry Waterman, convinced government officials that Tampa was the perfect location for a new airforce base. His highly respected reputation and negotiating skills paid off when land was cleared to start construction for MacDill Airforce Base on November 28, 1939.


The Chamber successfully secured Tampa as the location for The University of South Florida.

On January 22, 1954 The Committee of One Hundred was created at a special meeting at the Tampa Terrace Hotel. More than 200 members attended and made a financial commitment to the economic development of Tampa.


A tour of Latin American countries in 1960 broadened the Chambers’ influence and initiated trade development between Florida and Latin America.

In 1964, the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce officially received designation as an “Accredited Chamber of Commerce” by the United States Chamber of Commerce.


The Tampa Chamber Board of Governors voted to start the Leadership Tampa Program to help young executives reach out to the community.


In 1982, the Chamber’s Cultural Affairs Council supported the construction for The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. 1982 also marked the success of an 18-year campaign to secure a Foreign Trade Zone in Tampa.

Tampa was awarded to host Super Bowl XVII in 1984. Tampa would later host Super Bowls XXV in 1999, XXXV in 2001 and XLIII in 2009. Tampa later hosted Super Bowl LV in 2021.


In 2017, the Chamber earned the rare 5-star Accreditation by the US Chamber of Commerce.

In 2019, The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce changes its name to the Tampa Bay Chamber in an effort to advocate on behalf of the entire Tampa Bay business community in Tallahassee and D.C.

Today, the Tampa Bay Chamber celebrates more than 133 years of hard-earned success and maturity. The hard work and dedication of Tampa’s first visionaries paved the way for the vibrant and rich community we enjoy today. Tampa is a community where people can live, work, and play.


The Florida Association of Chamber Professionals named the Tampa Bay Chamber as Chamber of the Year.