Posted by: Carl Chaisson on Tuesday, March 29, 2022


United One Communications’ (UOC) Story:

United One Communication (UOC) was conceived in 2015 by Carl Chaisson with the vision of being the preferred trusted global leader in integrating information technology with innovative solutions to solve customers' most demanding needs.   

We currently specialize in various aspects of Cybersecurity, System Engineering, Network Communications, IT Management, and specific areas of logistics. In addition, we constantly look at evolving our product and service offerings.

UOC has invested significantly in certifications to facilitate and manage service delivery to our customers, such as CMMI SVC, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001, and ISO/IEC 20000. Going through these certification processes helped us develop the UOC six “Rs” to keep us focused on delivering quality products and services: Understanding Requirements, being Responsive, being Reliable, Recruiting quality people, Retaining those people, and ensuring we have an excellent Reputation which will lead to future business.   

Why we chose to get an SBA 8(a):

UOC knew federal government customers needed a way to reach us. We were looking at putting tools in our toolbox, and getting 8(a) certified had certain advantages as an excellent tool.

We knew being 8(a) certified would allow us to receive sole-source contracts up to $4 million; help limits our competitors when contracts come out as 8(a) set-aside, give us the ability to compete for 8(a) Governmentwide-Acquisition Contract (GWAC), shorten the acquisition process, and access the All-Small Mentor-Protégé Program.   

Having the 8(a) certification also lets us provide additional tools, such as being eligible for the 8(a) STARS III (GWAC), which UOC is pleased to be recently awarded. UOC also has other tools and the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), which often provides solicitations as 8(a) set-asides.

The SBA 8 (a) Process:

In 2016, UOC applied for the SBA’s 8(a) program. After a 6-month rigorous application process, we received our 8(a) certification.   

We do not intend to explain the process here, but the official 8(a) Business Development program web page is a good resource. However, it should be noted not everyone qualifies to become 8(a) certified; The program is to assist socially and economically disadvantaged small business owners.

As mentioned earlier, it is a rigorous process that usually requires two years in business, a lot of background data and paperwork from the applicants     


Being 8(a) certified does NOT guarantee work. It is simply a tool to put your business in a limited pool of competitors.  This tool does expire typically after nine years; companies such as UOC did receive a one-year extension due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many firms obtain the 8(a) certification too early without substantial past performance, relationships to agency decision-makers, and the ability to navigate through the complex federal government acquisition process. Establishing these opportunities to win a contract eats into your nine in the program. For example, it took UOC six months to enter the program but use that as a rough timeline and determine if six months is too early for you. 

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