Chair's Message

Dear Leadership Tampa Alumni,

Thank you for the privilege of serving as your chair this year. It has truly been an honor. In 2020, prior chair Amanda Uliano posed the question “Why LTA?” Why stay involved? Why devote the time, energy and effort? The simple answer to that question is because LTA provides its members with the best in networking, educational and outreach programs and opportunities.

Even when confronted with the black swan event of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, LTA, being flexible and creative, was still able to provide a great year of programs, networking and meaningful community outreach.

Through 2021, which came with its own unexpected twists and turn, we not only continued that commitment, but we also managed to build momentum. Our members are active, engaged and growing in number. Why? Because we know that relationships are key to the strength of any community, and LTA is about relationships. LTA builds on the relationships started during your year in the Leadership Tampa program - relationships with your community and others like yourself who are difference-makers in Tampa Bay. Like no other organization, LTA brings together and develops true, meaningful connections between fellow leaders from across industries, facilitating real, personal, professional and, ultimately, community growth.

Notwithstanding the continuing challenges we still face with COVID-19 and its multiple variants, LTA has an important purpose and has proven that it can carry on safely and purposefully.

In 2021, our Connect with Coffee Series continued to provide informal opportunities to gain meaningful insight into our community. We started off the year by learning more about the unique, multicultural history of Tampa with Dr. Brad Massey’s presentation “History in the Modern Context” at the Tampa Bay History Center followed by a private walking tour of one of Tampa’s oldest cemeteries, Oaklawn Cemetery. From the past we stepped into the future with Embarc Collective’s CEO Lakshmi Shenoy and our own Rachel Feinman (LT’ 18) and learned how Embarc’s tech start-up incubator is partnering with the leading healthcare provider, Tampa General Hospital, on healthcare innovation. We closed the series out at Glazer Children’s Museum where were learned about the museum’s new initiatives amid the pandemic to continue its mission to “play with purpose.”

This year’s Chair’s Choice luncheon focused on one of the major aspects of our Tampa community – our military. LTA was proud to present a personal audience with United States Special Forces Officer Major Steve Miller of Special Operations Command (SOCOM), giving our membership an insider’s view into one of our country’s most unique and important military commands that is based right here in Tampa at MacDill Air Force Base.

It was my unique privilege and honor this fall to moderate this year’s Conversations with Influence – an open and personal discussion with the City of Tampa’s first female Fire Rescue Chief, our very own Barbara Tripp (LT ’20). Chief Tripp was engaging, funny, insightful and inspirational. This event embodied why LTA is so special – direct and personal access to individuals who are the drivers of change in our community.

LTA continued its efforts to give back to the community with our various Outreach programs including joint programs with Emerge and the larger Tampa Bay Chamber at both Feeding Tampa Bay and, later in the year, Metropolitan Ministries. In June, LTA members recorded themselves enthusiastically reading children’s books for Goodwill Industries International’s BookWorks program in Clearwater. In October, LTA members supported a corporate work study program for juniors and seniors at Cristo Rey Tampa Salesian High School that helped introduce students to a wide array of different career paths. Our various charitable drives over the year saw LTA members give even more to organizations such as the Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa Bay, Feeding Tampa Bay and Metropolitan Ministries.

LTA’s prestigious Parke Wright III Award, which includes a $1,000 donation to the winner’s charity of choice, went to Ron Christaldi (LT ’03). Ron chose the Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and Research, and his donation will help the institute carry forward its mission to transform the lives of the visually impaired.

In March, our Spring Fling, held outdoors at the Tampa Bay Yacht and Country Club to ensure health and safety, started off an unprecedented run of amazing events that saw us come together and reconnect as an LTA Family. Our LTA Welcome Reception on the Yacht Starship in May, which celebrated the 50th graduating class of Leadership Tampa, saw almost an unprecedented number of LTA members in attendance. Our Annual Reunion in August, held at the Hotel Haya in Ybor City with elegant food and live entertainment, was simply spectacular. We closed out the social calendar with one of the best holiday parties LTA has ever thrown, this year’s “Festively Red” event set against the beautiful backdrop of a red-and-green City Hall. Over 100 LTA members closed out the year in epic fashion with another magical evening of good food, drink, live music and comradery.

Behind the scenes, your LTA Cabinet of chairs and vice chairs have been leading with energy and innovation, and they have made some impactful strides for the benefit of us all. This year saw continued success in securing, retaining and providing value to our LTA sponsors by our Sponsorship Committee. Dramatic improvements by our Marketing Committee produced more informative and engaging content through our various social media platforms and revamped weekly newsletter, including in-depth articles about important issues, occurrences, events and our LTA members that drive this community. The Membership Committee completely re-wrote the playbook on how we engage our membership and drive our renewal campaigns with its reenergized Class Champions program, phone-a-thons and new, informal happy hours. Our success this year has been driven by these committed individuals who selflessly give their time and energy to our beloved LTA organization. I am deeply thankful for everything they did to make this year so special for me and, most importantly, for all of you.

As great as 2021 was, I assure you, the best is yet to come under the leadership of our incoming chair, and my fellow LT ’15 classmate, Crystal L. Lauderdale. Crystal’s vision to develop LTA’s value propositions of gaining valuable insights, growing meaningful relationships and giving back to make an impact in our community will help drive LTA into the future. Stay involved, stay connected, and let’s continue our LTA journey together.

Luis Martinez-Monfort
Martinez-Monfort P.A.

From the Tampa Bay Chamber President & CEO

Thank you for your continued support of the Leadership Tampa Alumni program. The events of the past two years have shown us more than ever the importance of working together on our collective good. As graduates of the third-oldest leadership program in the country, you already knew this better than most others around you. LTA has a long roster of outstanding members and a long-standing commitment of positively impacting our community no matter the difficulty. What makes LTA unique is the common bond of participating in a strong, experienced leadership program that evolves each year and remains cutting edge on topics relevant to our region.

This important committee of the Tampa Bay Chamber is integral to our mission “to serve our members and enhance our community by building business success.” Strong leadership is the key to a diverse, inclusive, and strengthened community. Leadership Tampa, and by extension LTA, is an important vehicle to develop that leadership. As part of the Tampa Bay Chamber’s Vision 2026 Plan, Leadership Tampa Alumni will ensure volunteer and professional leaders are skilled at affecting community change, producing catalytic leaders, and leveraging its broad-based sphere of influence.

LTA has played an increasing role in making the vision plan a success. I thank you for your efforts to embrace the Vision 2026 Plan. Your support is critical for the continued success of the plan. Your participation and enthusiasm make a big difference in our community.

Thank you for your membership and your commitment to our community. Our future is not guaranteed to be smooth every year, but we are committed to work together to be resilient and make each year count for our region.


Dr. Bob Rohrlack, CCE
President and CEO

2021 Leadership Team

Luis Martinez-Monfort


Crystal Lauderdale

Vice Chair / Parke Wright III Chair

Amanda Uliano

Past Chair & LT '22 Chair

Jill Manthey

LT'21 Chair

Jeff Chernoff

Marketing Co-Chair /
Park Wright III Vice Chair

Wendy Ross

Marketing Co-Chair

Brian Smith

Community Outreach Chair

Grace Maseda-Sainz

Community Outreach Vice Chair

Jason Grinstead

Programs Chair

Lance Lansrud

Programs Vice Chair

John DeLaVergne

Sponsorship Chair

Ben Powers

Sponsorship Vice Chair

LaKisha Kinsey-Sallis

Membership Chair

Terri Parnell-Longphee

Membership Vice Chair


Past Chairs

2021 – Luis Martinez-Monfort (LT’15)

2020 – Amanda Uliano (LT’13)

2019 – Michael Blasco (LT’12)

2018 – Jill Manthey (LT’10)

2017 – Christine Turner (LT’07)

2016 – Reid Haney (LT’96)

2015 – Misha Hart (LT’07)

2014 – Troy Atlas (LT’07)

2013 – Randi Widdon (LT’07) / Renee Vaughn (LT’93) & Dianne Jacob (LT’92)

2012 – Renee Vaughn (LT’93)

2011 – Mark Segel (LT’05)

2010 – Eric Bailey (LT’04)

2009 – William Arnold (LT’04)

2008 – John Moors (LT’01)

2007 – Brenda Geoghagan (LT’98)

2006 – Colleen Chappell (LT’99)

2005 – David Stefany (LT’95)

2004 – Paddy Moses (LT’88)

2003 – Susan Welsh (LT ’92)

2002 – Dianne Jacob (LT ’92)

2001 – Paul Catoe (LT ’92)

2000 – John Timmel (LT ’91)

1999 – Gregory Yadley (LT ’88)

1998 – Emeline Acton (LT ’88)

1997 – Henry Woodroffe (LT ’90)

1996 – Susan Lang (LT ’93)

1995 – David Hooks (LT ’90)

1994 – Pat Bowers Holt (LT ’88)

1993 – Mike Urette (LT ’71)

1992 – Robert Rasmussen (LT ’84)


Thank you to our tremendous Annual Sponsors

Leadership Tampa Alumni (LTA) connects the strength and talent of established leaders working across industries who have graduated from the Leadership Tampa program and are committed to nurturing an engaged, inclusive and prosperous community.

The connection among LTA members begins with the shared experience of Leadership Tampa, one of the nation’s longest-standing leadership programs. Through this immersive experience, participants get behind-the-scenes exposure to the industries shaping Tampa Bay. Graduates emerge with deep insights, meaningful connections and an opportunity for ongoing influence and impact as a member of Leadership Tampa Alumni.

LTA’s more than 550 members and growing include some of Tampa Bay’s top officials, business executives and owners, university and college presidents, non-profit leaders, philanthropists, subject-matter experts and more. Throughout the year, these leaders come together to continuously gain new insights, grow meaningful relationships and give back to the community we all love and share.

Whether you represent the first best class ever (BCE) of 1971 or our 50th BCE, which just graduated in May - Leadership Tampa was just the start of a now life-long opportunity to gain fresh insights about our community and the people, organizations and industries driving it forward.

In 2021, at our Chair’s Choice event, LTA Cabinet Chair Luis Martinez-Monfort (LT ‘15) coordinated a personal audience for members with United States Special Forces Officer Major Steve Miller, who currently serves at Special Operations Command (SOCOM). The experience, sponsored by Tampa Laundry Company and Gardner Brewer Martinez-Monfort, P.A. provided an insider’s view of SOCOM operations.

At “Conversations with Influence,” one of LTA’s signature events, CI Group sponsored an ask-me-anything discussion with the City of Tampa’s first female Fire Rescue Chief, Barbara Tripp (LT ‘20). Chief Tripp spoke with humor and candor about her career path and priorities stepping into this vital leadership role.

Throughout the year, the LTA Connect with Coffee series gave members a behind-the-scenes look at organizations and projects helping to make Tampa one of the nation’s best cities in which to live, work and play.

In February, we kicked off the series by discussing “History in a Modern Context” with Brad Massey at the Tampa Bay History Center. The experience, sponsored by Humankind Partnership, covered topics like COVID-19, social division and current efforts to preserve the Jackson House, Tampa’s last African American boarding house. Participants also had an exclusive opportunity to tour the historic Oaklawn Cemetery.

In May, we sipped java with Embarc Collective CEO Lakshmi Shenoy and Rachel Feinman (LT ‘18) of Tampa General Hospital Innoventures. Together, they shared how the tech start-up incubator is partnering with the leading healthcare provider on Health Care Innovation.

The series closed in October at the Glazer Children’s Museum where LTA members were briefed on new initiatives to engage and educate, including a “date night” program that gives adults a chance at youthful learning and fun in our community.

Ask any Leadership Tampa graduate about the value of their experience, and most will speak to the relationships they established. Through LTA, leaders continuously grow those relationships - not just with members of their own class, but with more than 550 alumni and counting who remain committed to having influence and impact long after graduation.

Much like 2020, this year did not unfold as expected, but our members found ways to pivot and support each other through it all. To help those whose jobs and businesses were deeply impacted by COVID-19, we established an LTA grant, funded by members, for members to cover annual dues so everyone could stay engaged, even through these difficult times.

For the first time ever, our Annual Meeting, sponsored by Baker Barrios Architects, Inc. and Tomlin St Cyr Real Estate, was a hybrid event. Members attended in-person and virtually at the start of the year to reconnect as we passed the torch from 2020 LTA Cabinet Chair Amanda Uliano (LT ‘13) to Luis Martinez-Monfort (LT ‘15). Together, we also celebrated exceptional leadership by announcing our newest Parke Wright III Award recipient, Ron Christaldi (LT ‘03).

Over the Spring and Summer we extended invitations to prospective LT candidates and expanded our Leadership Tampa Alumni base. Our Spring Fling, sponsored by Tampa General Hospital, introduced LT ’22 applicants to the program and the ongoing opportunity graduates have to gain, grow and give through LTA.

In May, aboard the Yacht Starship and co-sponsored by Vistage Florida, we held our Annual Welcome Reception, celebrating the 50th class to complete the LT program and officially become Leadership Tampa Alumni!

Closing out the summer, the LTA Annual Reunion, sponsored by Agentry Real Estate, brought us together at the beautiful Hotel Haya in Ybor City.

Then, in October, bragging rights were claimed by The Chamber Bay Class (Best Score), the Fab 04’s (Best Team Costume), Great Balls of Fire (Best Team Name) and Ben Powers (LT ’19) at our Fourth Annual Bowling Tournament sponsored by Busch Gardens at Splitsville.

Our “Festively Red” Holiday Party, sponsored by ChappellRoberts and BayCare, closed out the year with more than 100 members gathering against the green and red backdrop of old City Hall on the elevated terrace of the Hyatt Place Hotel in downtown Tampa.

These annual traditions give Leadership Tampa Alumni chances to share fond memories, make new ones and strengthen the ties that make our business community so strong.

“As leaders and difference makers in Tampa, we are truly blessed … because we are so fortunate, it is incumbent on us to think beyond ourselves.” The words of 2021 LTA Cabinet Chair Luis Martinez-Monfort (LT ‘15) speak to a cornerstone of Leadership Tampa Alumni. The opportunity to give back in collaboration with cross-industry leaders is a reason many remain involved in LTA throughout their careers and lives.

This year’s Outreach activities supported causes related to basic needs, literacy, education, health and social equity.

In March, Leadership Tampa Alumni joined forces with Emerging Leaders of Tampa Bay and other Chamber members to help Feeding Tampa Bay care for our neighbors in need. Every Saturday, the organization distributes more than 3,500 meals, and this year, demand was particularly great due to the pandemic.

LTA’s prestigious Parke Wright III Award includes a $1,000 donation to the winner’s charity of choice. This May, 2020 winner Ron Christaldi (LT ‘03) chose the Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and Research. This contribution will help the institute transform lives for people with visual impairments.

In June, LTA members helped introduce kids to the joy of reading by volunteering at Goodwill Industries International BookWorks in Clearwater. During the pandemic, BookWorks was unable to visit classrooms, so they created a portal for teachers, caregivers and children to access recorded video storytimes. Members of LTA helped by recording stories and sorting donations.

For juniors and seniors at Cristo Rey Tampa Salesian High School, LTA members supported a corporate work study program that introduced students to an array of careers. Volunteers shared their own professional journeys and answered questions in small groups. Tampa Fire Rescue Chief Barbara Tripp (LT ’20) also shared her remarkable career path in the school’s Student Speaker Series.

As leaders, we know that learning is a lifelong pursuit. That’s why dozens of our members volunteer every year to serve as mentors in the Emerging Leaders of Tampa Bay Mentor-Protege Program. The year-long program pairs experienced leaders with young professionals for customized coaching, giving both parties a unique chance to give and grow in their careers.

In addition to Outreach events, charitable drives at our activities throughout the year help to support organizations like Metropolitan Ministries, Feeding Tampa Bay and the Corporation to Develop Communities (CDC) of Tampa, which provides housing, education and workforce development support in our community.

In our last group Outreach event of the year, we teamed forces again with Emerging Leaders of Tampa Bay and other Chamber members to support the Metropolitan Ministries holiday tent, which helps to serve local families and bring gifts to more than 19,000 children during the holidays. At our “Festively Red” Holiday Party, attendees donated five full boxes of toys to further support this great cause.

2021 Parke Wright Leadership Award

Troy Manthey

Troy Manthey, President/CEO at Yacht StarShip & Pirate Water Taxi, received the 2021 Parke Wright III Award from Leadership Tampa Alumni at the group’s 2021 Annual Meeting on February 17th. Established in 2002, the award is presented annually to a member of Leadership Tampa Alumni who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and made a significant difference in the Tampa Bay community. Troy Manthey was in the 2003 Class of Leadership Tampa.

Captain Troy Manthey is a 5th generation New Orleans riverboat captain who began working on paddle wheel steamboats plying the brown waters of the mighty Mississippi River at an early age. Troy took the helm of the 180-foot, $8-million luxury dining vessel, Yacht Starship, shortly after its construction in 2000 in Biloxi, Mississippi. He discovered Tampa in January 2001 when Yacht StarShip was chartered for the world-class annual Gasparilla Invasion/Celebration for Superbowl weekend. Shortly thereafter, he permanently relocated the Yacht StarShip to Tampa Bay’s emerging Channelside entertainment district in Downtown Tampa. Since 2001, Captain Manthey has developed deep roots in Tampa Bay’s civic and business communities. Serving as recent Chairman of the Board of Directors for Visit Tampa Bay, Immediate Past Chair of Friends of the Riverwalk (Board), Hillsborough County Hotel Motel Association (Board), Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association - Pinellas Chapter (Board), Port of Tampa Maritime Industries Association (Board) and S.S. American Victory Ship (Board). On a national level, Manthey served as President of the Passenger Vessel Association, Arlington VA., in 2005.

Through perseverance, determination, and an unending love for Tampa, Troy’s dream of an active waterfront has become a reality with dining yachts, The Riverwalk, the creation of Pirate Water Taxi, and most recently the Lost Pearl Pirate Ship.

Parke Wright III Award Recipients

  • 2010 – Jose Valiente (LT ‘98)
  • 2009 – Dianne Jacob (LT ‘92)
  • 2008 – Deanne D. Roberts (LT ‘92)
  • 2007 – Chase Stockon (LT ‘99)
  • 2006 – Paul Catoe (LT ‘92)
  • 2005 – Dottie Berger-Mackinnon (LT ‘87)
  • 2004 – Gregory C. Yadley (LT ‘88)
  • 2003 – Major Elaine White (LT ‘00)
  • 2002 – Rhea Law (LT ‘91)