Minority Business Accelerator Application

Apply as a Minority Business Owner

The Minority Business Accelerator (MBA) seeks, high-growth potential, Black and Hispanic businesses. High-growth potential indicates the company’s ability to generate larger profits, increase production and resources, such as hiring new employees, purchasing equipment, and/or expanding a physical location.

Minimum qualifications for consideration are:

  • Black or Hispanic owned and operated business (>51%)
  • Headquartered in Tampa Bay (Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk or Manatee county)
  • Current business plan with a well-defined growth strategy 
  • Annual Gross Revenue of $500,000 +


The deadline for applicants to be eligible for the 2024 Cohort is September 16, 2022 at 5pm.

Applicant Information

Business Information

Legal Structure

Business Capacity

Are you a certified Minority Business Enterprise?
If Yes, with what agency?
Please indicate the range of your gross revenues from prior year.
Did your gross revenues increase or decrease from the prior year?
Gross Revenue Trends for past 3 years.
What is the company's credit report?
What is the trend of the company's credit history?
Does the company have existing loans?
If so, is the company current with existing lenders?

Professional References

Reference Relationship
Reference Relationship

Personal References

Essay Questions

Current Business Practices

Please check the answer that applies to your business as it is today.

Do you have clearly defined areas of responsibility for each employee?
Do you regularly identify and implement best practices into your business objectives?
Does your business use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure business success?
Do you know your key employees’ strengths and weaknesses?
Do you know how to conduct effective interviews to find the best job candidates?
Do you conduct regular performance evaluations to your employees?
Do you regularly establish and document goals and strategies to run your company?
Does everyone in your business understand which operational activities have the greatest impact on your business goals and profits?
Do you have operations manuals describing your business operations in detail?

Level of Need

Please indicate your level of need for your business as it is today.

Strategic Business Planning
Leadership Development
Organization Restructuring
Total Fiscal Management
Obtaining Capital
Cash Flow Management
Record Keeping
Financial Reporting
Labor Laws



Headshots must be high resolution JPG files, at least 400px wide by 600px high.


Please read the MBA Code of Conduct and Commitment. Your agreement is required below.