Posted by: Gary Hartfield, Owner, Serenity Village Insurance and Consulting, LLC on Tuesday, May 24, 2022


For more than 20 years, I've witnessed the power of relationships. Not just any relationship, but the "right," and I'd even venture to say, "divine" relationships. The right relationships should expand your network and your net worth. The right relationships should open the right doors to the right opportunities. The right relationships will elevate you and expand your territory.

The business term for this concept is "social capital." On an individual level, the term refers to a person's ability to secure benefits and create societal solutions through their relationships. In other words, your business relationships should benefit you and allow you to create a ripple effect of impact and change in the community you're serving.

As a client of more than ten years, I can genuinely say that my relationship with the The Bank of Tampa has played a significant role in my business success. They stand behind my vision to create an impact in the communities I serve and empower me with the resources and tools to make it happen. The commercial I shared last week was just a microcosmic view of our relationship.

I'll repeat it: your network is your net worth. Take the time to evaluate the value of the relationships. Do you have enough social capital? Can the people in your current circle of influence help you create the impact and change you want to see?

If you have a good circle, are you stewarding those relationships well? Are there people you've put off meeting up with because you "just don't have enough time" or aren't sure they want to meet? If that's the case, it's time to change that mindset; you might be blocking your blessings. Pick up the phone or send that lunch meeting request. You never know what door that conversation will open.