Posted by: Laura Frost on Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Terrie Daniel 
LT Class Year: 2020
Company Name: Assistant Vice President, USF Office of Supplier Diversity, President/CEO, Cardinal Consulting Group 
Interviewed by: Laura Frost

Tell us why LTA?  
Leadership Tampa was the most amazing professional experience ever, so naturally transitioning to LTA was quite easy for me. I am honored to join such an amazing group of community leaders who are impacting the Tampa Bay region every day and this is outstanding. From healthcare, to education, to environmental issues and all of the other things that really matter to our community, we are tackling those issues together and it’s pretty cool to be included in these vital conversations that impact our families every day.  Being a part of change is refreshing and to be surrounded by leaders who have the same vision for our community, who are making significant difference, means everything. 

For you what separates LTA from other business leadership programs?  
LT is simply the best! The things that the Leadership Tampa cohort experiences are second to none and in addition to that Leadership Tampa encompasses the crème de la crème of our community. Whether it’s a C suite level corporate leader or community leader on the front lines leading initiatives to empower our children and families, and asking the hard questions, my experience is that we come together, across racial, ethnic, socio economic lines with a goal of improving our community. I feel like this is what sets Leadership Tampa apart from any other leadership program. 

Describe a time when the LTA experience impacted your life or career?  
Since becoming a part of LTA, it has impacted my life and my career significantly on a daily basis. The relationships and lifelong friendships that I have built  by being a part of such an amazing organization is significant. I get the opportunity to celebrate our individual accomplishments, get together for cheese fries (shout out to my LT20 family), celebrate our children’s milestones, call a colleague if I need a question answered, answer questions if a colleague calls upon me with a need, and support of my work in culture inclusiveness.  My experience with LTA has changed my perception of the Tampa Bay community and a positive way and I now operate knowing that I have supportive colleagues and friends who have something in common with me and a goal of bettering not just our community but our individual selves.

What is the LTA benefit you wish everyone knew about? 
Simply put, the power of allyship. My personal definition of allyship is using your power, influence, and ability to empower others with opportunities and or resources they otherwise may never have had if not for your influence. I’ve seen this come alive time after time through LTA and I feel this is a secret and powerful benefit of LTA that everyone has access to. 

Describe how the leadership journey will continue to shape you?  
I feel that this leadership journey will continue to shape me because I learn something new by participating in LTA every day. I have the honor of currently serving as the LT23 Co-chair and I have been amazed by the other leaders who have given me a wealth of advice, and I’m taking all of it!

LTA has shown me the power of collaboration, and what that means for our community and if we continue to work together.  We can shape and change not only ourselves as individuals but the opportunities and the assets that we have right here in our own community. This leadership journey has also taught me that I have so much to learn about myself as an individual and valuing what I personally have to offer our community as an individual.

In many ways, it puts pressure on you to make sure that you are not sitting on the resources and the information that you have but to make sure you position yourself to be a conduit to the community of empowerment. Ultimately, my leadership journey never ends, that is why I wanted to be a part of such an amazing program, it will always continue and LTA will always be a significant part of that journey for me as an individual.