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Clint Babcock

Partner – Sandler Training

As a partner at Sandler Training of Tampa and in his former corporate life, Clint brings his clients over two decades of experience in sales, business development, operations and leadership.

Clint works with CEO’s, Presidents, and VP’s of Sales in various industries to help them strategically build their sales forces and produce amazing results for their companies. He’s worked with and trained hundreds of sales teams and thousands of salespeople during his tenure with Sandler.

In his book, Negotiating From The Inside Out: A Playbook for Business Success, Clint shows that negotiation is a skill, and the first thing anyone has to do to improve is to understand how they react to pressure situations. It provides a powerful, broadly applicable template for a rational response in any negotiating situation. By practicing the techniques, business people will see both their financial rewards and self-esteem reach new heights.

Before joining Sandler, Clint held management and executive leadership positions in operations and sales, including the vice president of national sales for a technology training and education organization.

Clint Babcock