Posted by: Tampa Bay Chamber on Thursday, May 5, 2022


Emerging Leaders Vision Series was created to engage in dialogues with key community stakeholders about issues with the potential to change the trajectory of our business community. During our Vision Series events, you will be exposed to content that will create the headlines of tomorrow.


The April 24th panel featured Superintendent Addison Davis, Sara Rubinstein of Carrollwood Day School and Grace Maseda of Helios Education Foundation. Addison made a powerful statement when he said, “The real pandemic is mental health.” Focusing on developing the whole child with an emphasis on their wellbeing is vital. We need to connect with student’s hearts and passions and tailor this into their learning. In Addison’s words, “Never waste a crisis, take it as an opportunity to innovate and be more prepared for the future.”

Sara summed it up well when she said, “Grow good people not just good students.” We need to focus on a holistic approach to education. She emphasized that, “The age of school being 4 walls and a textbook is over. The goal is to build future entrepreneurs who are equipped to take on the challenges of the future and thrive! We want to create curious innovators who challenge the status quo and recognize that there is more then one way to a solution.” Approaching education with adaptive leadership prepared to pivot based on what the current climate needs is the way of the future.

Grace Maseda shared the work that Helios Education Foundation is doing to support under-represented communities in Florida be prepared and succeed in postsecondary education. This work starts early with an emphasis on students reading proficiently by 3rd grade. Helios relies on partnerships in the community to uplift the under-represented students. In 2020 Helios partnered with the University of South Florida to develop an initiative to improve black student access. This partnership has resulted in an overall 16% increase in black enrollment and a 78% increase in black first time in college student enrollment.

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