Posted by: Tampa Bay Chamber on Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce has announced that it has filed to operate by the name of the Tampa Bay Chamber. The chamber has had its current name for the 134-year-old organization since 1947. About 2 years ago the Chamber created a Branding Caucus made up of chamber members and staff who are experts in branding and marketing to look at the brand both internally and externally. That branding caucus helped to determine that the brand needed to be reassessed and refreshed. In the process of rebranding the logo, the determination was also made that the Tampa Bay Chamber is a more reflective name that truly embodies the work that the chamber is doing.

The chamber has worked to think regionally and act locally on policy and advocacy issues impacting our region and wanted to have a name that truly reflected that presence. The rebrand will not impact how the chamber supports current members or seeks future members. It will continue to be a chamber that supports its membership that comes from Hillsborough County and each of the contiguous counties in Tampa Bay. Across the country and the globe Tampa Bay has become a name for the region that is well-known and accepted. It’s important that our name reflect the region when the chamber is advocating for issues of regional impact, for our county and all of Tampa Bay.

The new name will not be used until the unveiling of the new brand and logo at the 134th Annual Meeting on December 5th, 2019.