Posted by: tampachamber on Tuesday, June 10, 2014

By Adrienne Morgan, Grow Chair Myth #1: "It's a Networking Group" Even the mere mention of the term makes millennials skin crawl. "Networking" is something our parents did. It's that situation where your business cards flow like water and your social awkwardness is at an all time high. Fortunately for all my fellow socially awkward individuals, Emerge isn't a networking group. As we all know, millennials are considered the most connected generation the world has ever seen. We're referred to as, "The Connected Generation." That's why networking for the sake of networking doesn't work for our age group. Emerge is about making connections and fostering relationships. Emerge Tampa Bay is a truly unique opportunity. Now is the time for young professionals to make connections with fellow young professionals who will be the city's future leaders. Myth #2: "There's nothing for me to do in Emerge"  Well, now you're just being lazy. Much like your career, your personal relationships and your workout routine, what you put into Emerge dictates what you get out. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Besides the monthly events, one of the fastest ways to get involved is to join a committee. Here's a rundown of each committee and opportunities to get involved:

  • Grow: Grow has been called the greatest committee of all time (self-proclaimed by the Chair, of course). Grow focuses on professional development through the Speaker Series events and the mentor/protege program. If you like organizing events or programs, brainstorming ideas or working on streamlining program logistics, come check out the next Grow committee meeting.
  • Connect:Connect is all about community involvement. If you like generating awareness for local nonprofits or actively volunteering for local organizations, Connect is your best bet.
  • Interact:If you like happy hours, organizing happy hours or connecting with as many people as you can (preferably at a happy hour), check out Interact. Interact provides opportunities for Emerge members to connect, meet other Emerge members and community members.
  • Voice: If leaving work and listening to NPR on the ride home is your idea of fun, then the Voice committee is where you should be. Voice is all about generating awareness of local public affairs and government involvement.

Myth #3: "I won't know anyone" If that excuse worked, you'd never leave your house. The first step in getting involved (besides leaving your house), is meeting new people. I promise, we're a friendly bunch! Plus we have ambassadors at all events to help you get acclimated and introduce you to other members. Not knowing anyone is a great reason to join Emerge Tampa Bay and to further get involved. As young professionals, we all dutifully fill out our LinkedIn profiles and connect with each other. However, being involved in an organization with like-minded individuals is a great way to grow your network and make valuable connections.