Collegiate Leadership Application

Please be sure to review the Collegiate Leadership webpage before completing this application.

Follow the directions below and include all necessary application requirements.

Application Deadline

Dec. 13, 2021 at 11:59PM

Contact Information

Background Information (Optional)

Collegiate Leadership seeks a class that is reflective of the diversity of our area’s citizens, in its broadest forms. Accordingly, it is important to identify applicants from various racial, ethnic, and cultural groups. Your response to the following will assist our selection committee in addressing this class mix.

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Interest Areas


Which of the following interest areas are you MOST passionate about? (Choose three)

Future Career Interests

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Terms & Expectations

I understand that attendance at the Opening and Closing Sessions is mandatory and that attendance at all Program Days is expected.

I understand that if I miss more than one (1) program day, I will be dropped, and my university will not be refunded the cost of tuition. My university coordinator will also be notified.

I understand that missing any portion of a program day is considered a full day absence and that all absences require notification prior to the program date.

I accept that the CLTB Program is a volunteer program. Students do not receive academic credit, nor are they paid.

My employer understands I am participating in this program and will ensure my work schedule does not conflict with the program's schedule. Please reserve session days from 8:00am - 5:00pm plus additional travel time to and from Tampa.

The Tampa Bay Chamber and CLTB will be complying with all CDC, federal, state, and local health guidelines regarding additional protective measures as directed at the time the program takes place. Details will be communicated to all participants prior to the start of the program year.