Posted by: tampachamber on Friday, October 28, 2016
The discussion of automated cars continues The advancement of driverless cars could alter the rideshare industry as we know it today.  With many companies working on their own version of what the next generation of transportation may look like, traditional options may not be able to keep up. Budweiser just completed the first driverless freight transport In connection with Uber’s  recently acquired trucking company Otto, 50,000 cans of beer were transported from Loveland, Colorado to Colorado Springs this week.  The entire 120-mile journey was completed without a human driver at the wheel of the truck. Tampa Bay Times thinks transit planning should have a regional approach The daily commute in Tampa Bay is an issue for many travelers, and the Times believes the solutions can only be found with a regional approach and a united voice. Upcoming event Register now for the Chamber’s 2016 Election Wrap Up on November 14th. This event is an opportunity to hear more about what the election results will mean for Florida.  Our expert panelist will be former House Speaker Will Weatherford and State Representative Ed Narain.  The event, moderated by Tampa Bay Times Political Editor Adam Smith, is sure to be great.