Posted by: tampachamber on Saturday, March 11, 2017

Elected Florida Secretary of State Senator Aaron Bean  offered a joint resolution this week that would allow voters to decide if the office of Secretary of State should be an elected position again. Florida House begins to work on budget cuts Members of the Florida House began to look at budget cuts as part of the Chamber’s budget proposal. This week in Tallahassee: Economic Incentives: This week, the Florida House passed HB 7005 which will among other things, eliminate Enterprise Florida. This will make it difficult for Florida to compete with other states when attracting new businesses to the state. Currently, there is no Senate companion bill. The Chamber OPPOSED HB 7005. The Florida House also approved HB 0009 which drastically weakens the capacity of Visit Florida, the state’s tourism marketing agency. Currently, there is no Senate companion bill. The Chamber OPPOSSED HB 0009 If you would like to encourage your State Representative and State Senator to continue the conversation regarding incentives and tourism, please click hereto send them an email.  Public Transportation Commission: The House Local, Federal & Veterans Affairs Subcommittee unanimously passedHB 647, a local bill that will eliminate the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission.  The bill has two more committee stops before being heard on the floor of the Florida House. The Chamber SUPPORTS HB 647 Moffitt funding: The Senate Regulated Industries Committee passed SB 662 unanimously.  The bill has two more committee stops in the Senate before being heard by the entire Senate. The House version HB 651 has not been heard in a committee meeting yet. The Chamber SUPPORTS SB 647/HB 651   As things are changing in Tallahassee, Washington D.C. and here in Hillsborough County, the Tampa Chamber is watching those issues that are important to the community and your business. Here is some of what we are watching:

  • Possible changes to the Affordable Health Care Act
  • Possible changes with the relations between the U.S. and Cuba
  • Appropriations request rule changes in Tallahassee
  • Medical Marijuana and what that means to Tampa Bay
  • Workers’ Comp. Rate
  • Premium Transit Study
  • Regional MPO